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Let's work together on...

Anxiety or Stress

Is there a tightness in your chest that won't seem to go away, or thoughts that race and you struggle to slow down?


Has something happened to you in your lifetime, whether growing up or more recently, that you can't seem to understand?


Interested in learning more about ADHD, the way it shows up in our brains, and all that comes with?


Do you find yourself feeling unmotivated, no longer interested in your usual hobbies and activities, or often sad or teary?


Is there a relationship in your life that you are struggling to navigate, want to communicate better within, heal infidelity, or create more depth?


Have you experienced a loss in your life that you would like help to navigate or work through?


Individual therapy sessions offer a valuable opportunity to discuss your thoughts, experiences (past, present, future), trauma, and growth objectives, and to acquire coping skills for everyday life. We offer a welcoming, non-judgmental environment where you can freely explore these topics. We use EMDR, CBT, ACT, IFS, DBT, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused, EFT, Gottman, and Narrative Therapy, to name a few. Individual counselling is available for children, teens, and adults.


We have experience supporting individuals through: Addiction, Anxiety, Stress, Sadness, Anger, Irregular Mood, Relationships, Family Problems, Body Image, Trauma and/or PTSD, Eating Disorders, OCD, Self-esteem and Confidence, Grief, Life Transitions, Feeling Stuck, ADHD, Creating Meaning, and more.​

Our individual and couples rates range from $140 to $165 per hour, depending on clinician. 


Counselling for couples provides a helpful pathway for addressing issues or challenges within your relationship, as well as strengthening it by expanding your skills. Our therapists facilitate open and non-judgmental communication, offering the support of an impartial third party. With a focus on teamwork and viewing the relationship as the primary focus, we assist you in navigating difficulties and fostering growth together.

We can support you in exploring and managing: Increasing or Relearning Trust, Developing Communication and Understanding, Identifying Blocks or Challenges, Infidelity, Life Transitions, Strengthening Bonds or Connections, and more.

Our couples rates range from $140 to $165 per hour, depending on clinician. Our therapists approach their couples work from both an EFT and Gottman approach.


Trauma Intensives

In today's world, flexibility in accessing support is crucial. Our EMDR therapists, equipped with specialized training in addressing trauma holistically, offer extended sessions tailored to your requirements. While EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is effective for trauma, it's also beneficial for enhancing overall well-being and addressing specific incidents like car accidents, assaults, or profound losses. This service may be right for you if...

you've felt something profound needs to shift, but you're not sure how to get to the next level of your self-growth with traditional talk therapy approaches. Maybe you understand the who, what, where, when and why, and the impact it has had on you, but don't know why your body still feels disconnected. 



you're curious about how an EMDR Intensive can help as you continue to work with your talk therapist or your hectic schedule does not allow for a traditional hour-long weekly appointment.



you're someone who would like more support right now, or are a working professional or parent with more on their plate since Covid came around.

or if...


you're someone who enjoys a longer or more intensive session, or enjoys learning about themselves and building off of their therapy work in a more efficient way.

EMDR Intensives start at 120 minute sessions, and have been shown to be well-tolerated in individuals with trauma experiences, reducing the experienced symptoms or triggers at a faster pace. Research has shown this approach to therapy to be safe, and decreases overall time spent in therapy. They are offered outside of normal scheduling times (clinician dependent). Hour long EMDR sessions are still available.

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